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Navi-Gate operates as an independent chartering broker.

While our primary focus has been on bulk cargoes like fertilizers & aggregates, our desk has handled a diverse array of charterparty contracts, spanning general cargoes such as steel products, forestry items, cases/crates, and project cargo chartering.

Most of the operations are conducted under FIOS terms; however, charterers frequently seek our support for loading, as well as lashing, securing, dunnage, and discharge operations.

We specialize in the expansive European region for coasters ranging from 1000 to 10000 DWCC. Additionally, our expertise extends globally for handysize tweendeckers and heavy lift operations.

Services rendered

  1. voyage chartering (full- and/or part-cargo)
  2. Time-chartering (trip out, roundtrip, period, etc.)
  3. Heavylift chartering (by LO/LO or RO/RO, Semi-submersible, etc.)
  4. Offshore chartering (towage, flo/flo, etc.)
  5. Comprehensive follow & admin support
Chartering Shortsea

Short Sea

Vessel sizes from 1.000 up to 10.000 dwcc from the Baltic countries, all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea. Cargoes ranging from stones & scraps, over grains & fertilizers to heavy lifts & project cargoes. The majority is carried out under FIOS terms, but charterers regularly ask our assistance for loading, lashing/securing/dunnage & discharge operations.

Chartering ShortSea

Deep Sea

Project & heavy lifts geared multipurpose tweendeckers & semi submersibles

Our service does not stop after the fixture itself. Our post fixture follow-up includes :

  • real time operation & voyage follow up with all stakeholders
  • productions & verification of correct documentation
  • laytime & demurrage calculations
Chartering Deepsea